-trl 68k
The C-TRL 68K Lounge was first realized as a 1Bit Network Gaming environment, a part of the Blasthaus Bureau of Lo Technology (BOLT) events. BOLT became a media art and vintage gaming monthly that also included Atari, Pong and Vectrex machines among others. The 68K Lounge has been employed at countless events in San Francisco and the bay area since, including The SFMOMA's RGB Series and the World Cyber Games Finals.

The project is a collaboration between Devan Simunovich and Dave Johnson. Additional thanks go to William Linn, Monika Bernstein and Travis Threlkel, among many others.

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Usefull Links

"Full of Mac!" - Repairs FAQ
Repairs, mod's and dissasembly. Obsessively well documented as only the japanese can do!

SE/30 Visualizer Mod
Turn your Mac CRT into a audiovisualizer! Hackaday project by Mark Hoekstra from Geek Technique.

Foray into 68000
Game programming for the Mac Plus in C. Info, projects and techniques from Michael Juneau.

Blasthaus / BOLT
Blasthaus Past events.

SE/30 Greyscale Adaptor Project
How to build a cone of the Micron GrayScale Adapter to work with the SE/30. Just in case 1 Bit isn't good enough for you. :)

MacMINI in the case of SE/30
What else to say? MacMINI in the case of SE/30!

Destruc.tv's MacMINI Mod
SImilar w/ complete widget package to match

Giant Mike's OLD Shareware
Retro games and software.

The Low-end Mac FAQ
Great technical resource, especially the Serial Lookup!

Retromac68K KDX Server: retromac68k.dyndns.org (Appears to longer be in service)
A Largest KDX based public software archive dedicated to only 68k software. You'll need a KDX client to connect.

Vintage Computing Files Archive
The Mother Lode. A comprehensive effort to maintain a long term vintage computing archive. Represents many platforms and is available over multiple services:

KDX (Preferred)
Address: kdxvcfa.dyndns.ws
Username: none needed
Password: none needed

Address: http://kdxvcfa.dyndns.ws:8080
Username: guest
Password: guest

Address: ftp://kdxvcfa.dyndns.ws
Username: guest
Password: guest