Dev Harlan

Artist / Designer / Creative Director

Agency: Hush
Client: Facebook
Role: Design / Art Direction
Project: A participatory sound experience for Facebook’s global marketing summit allowed attendees to speak their voice to generate a beautiful graphic expression.

Agency: Hush
Client: United Therapeutics
Role: Design / Art Direction
Project: Physical design for 3D printed sculpture and framing. Digital design for 3D lenticular prints and environmental graphics.

Agency: And/Or
Client: Mayo Clinic
Role: Design / Art Direction
Project: Branded motion content for digital signage and online deployment.

Agency: Villa Eugenie
Client: Y-3 / Adidas
Role: Artist / Designer / Creative Director
Project: Concept and design for projection mapped fashion runway.

Agency: Meta
Client: Hewlett-Packard / Golden Voice
Role: Design / Art Direction
PartnersVolvox, Sougwen-Chung, Prism

Flatland is a 360 experiential film experienced in a 60-foot wide surround projection dome. Flatland premiered at the Coachella Music Festival in California, and was also screened at the Panorama Festival in New York. The screening received an audience of over 3,000 viewers daily.

The CG animated story is loosely based on the premise of the book Flatland by Edwin A. Abbott. It follows the journey of a cube as it explores a “cube land” and discovers extra dimensions beyond its cubic world.

The film is comprised of three parts with three CG art directors. Dev Harlan directed the first segment, the other two parts were directed by Sougwen Chung and Volvox Labs. Justin Bolognino was the Creative Director for the entire film.

Client: Private Collector, Singapore
Role: Artist, Private Commission
Project: Projection sculpture for permanent installation in private residence.

Agency: Hush
Client: LinkedIn
Role: Design / Creative Direction
Project: Physical design for LED data sculpture. Interactive design for touch screen display and data driven content.

Agency: Cunning
Client: Ketel One / De Nolet
Role: Design / Creative Direction
Project: Physical design for branded light sculpture & projection mapped stage pieces.

Client: Target
Role: Artist, Corporate Commission
Project: Video animation commission for Target’s corporate headquarters.

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