Voxiebox Holographic Display for Positron, F5 Conference

Positron Studios was selected by F5 to produce a featured exhibition and collaborated with Devan of CTRL to develop the Art Direction and Interaction Design.

The installation is centered around Voxiebox, a volumetric holographic display developed by Voxon. Gesture control through a Leap motion sensor allows visitors to manipulate a spinning polyhedron both on the Voxiebox and on a panoramic video projection. With the correct gesture the spinning shape is shot from the hologram onto the projection screen where it bursts into a shower of polygons and is automatically derezzed.


Client: F5
Studio: Positron
Creative Director: David Crumly
Art Direction: Devan Harlan Simunovich
Interaction Design: Devan Harlan Simunovich
Programming: Yotam Mann

Display: VoxieBox by VOXON
Software: Touch Designer, Maya